About Inkscape

The professional Drawing/Page Layout program.

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What can you do with Inkscape?

It is perhaps easier to spell out what it isn’t and what it can’t do as it’s capabilities are really limited only by one’s creativity.

  • It is not a photo manipulating program – It is a vector graphic program and works with lines, shapes, colours and text. In other words, you cannot touch up your photos like Photoshop does but you can crop them, give them transparent effects and more but cannot work at the bitmap level (the original format of photographs).
  • You cannot make multi-page layouts as in a brochure (click here for explanation). You should work to its strengths – create whatever elements and effects you want, save the file(s) and simply drag the file(s) into the respective Scribus pages. Your Inkscape page will automatically resize to fit into the Scribus page. Scribus is a great companion to Inkscape.
  • Do not attempt to do paragraph styling, use Scribus instead for this task.

Download Inkscape

Lessons coming soon

Some of the features I use often:

Drop Shadows. These are handled really well and so easy to fine tune. I mean you can achieve beautiful shadows with absolute ease.

Polygon (or Star) Tool makes life really easy. The cog wheel in the example below was created in seconds.

Clipping your photo (or any other elements) into any shape is so quick, easy and intuitive.