Corporate Aims & Culture

To provide an insight into the way we do business, we reproduce below the Introduction to our operating manual which all new staff receive.

"We are embracing all the advantages of a small operating unit – flexible, agile, highly adaptable to changing circumstance, more approachable, more customer friendly and non-existent bureaucracy. We operate on a flat structure. Therefore every team member has a voice and it is hoped that you will actively participate in our development.

We want to grow in size and prestige but it is certainly not our aim to be the biggest. We want to be the best. Best not merely in product quality but in everything we do.

This means we must be tops in:

  • service
  • turnaround times
  • interaction with customers and suppliers.
  • following up
  • helpfulness
  • knowledge and a willingness to share it

To achieve this we must have an investigative mind, be very attentive to customers' needs and pay careful attention to comments/views from all – customers, suppliers, technicians and couriers alike. In short, simply be a sponge and soak up information. This is part of the process of improving your "Tacit Knowledge".

Tacit Knowledge is something that helps build you inside out. Opening up your mind to grow this knowledge pool stimulates and adds to your subconscious mind thereby enhancing your intuitive powers and self confidence. With all of us improving ourselves in this area we will enhance the depth of our corporate culture further to become a truly unbeatable force in our industry.

Corporate Culture

Our corporate culture is what sets us apart from the rest. We are the best because of this great corporate culture of ours that has been developed over many years and no one can compete against this or take it away from us. It is uniquely ours.

The foundation of our culture is explained below: (R.I.S.E.)


First and foremost, respect yourself and everyone else working in the company. Present yourself smartly at all times and endeavour to be a contributor to the bright, happy environment of the workplace.

Show respect and courtesy to everyone who steps through our door (or communicates with us through emails or telephone). When they are leaving always open the door for them.

However, we do not tolerate rudeness or disrespect from anyone and it is perfectly appropriate to firmly and politely tell such people to leave. You have full permission to do this.

Everyone should be made to feel welcome and comfortable. Be helpful to couriers and have a good word to say to them as theirs is a stressful occupation. Offer technicians refreshments and cookies. If they should have to work through lunchtime, offer them lunch as well.

Respect all equipment and material. Always handle with care. If you should notice anything unusual, report and investigate.


Be always honest. This stems from Respect.

We never give the customer less – always strive to give more – more not only in quantity but more in quality and service as well.

Always keep your promises and deadlines.

Respect confidentiality of customers' work.


Do the unexpected and make the customer exclaim "Wow!"

We know what it is like to receive poor service. It leaves a bad taste and we talk about this over dinners and drinks. Also, you often encounter excellent pre-sale attention but after the sale, the company prefers not to see you again. These, we must not do.

The best form of marketing is to be talked about positively. Get customers so excited about us that they will want to talk about us. Our growth has been mainly due to this word-of-mouth advertising.

Our giving great service also has its roots in Respect. We genuinely want customers to be happy, and the only way to do that is by giving top service from the heart and consistently producing great quality work.

We must care – we must understand our customers' needs and give them more by:

  • Helping them with advice and offering ways to economise for them.
  • Fixing artwork.
  • Spotting their errors and fixing them or simply notifying the customer.
  • Giving them the best result we possibly can – always.


It is our desire to stay up to date with processes and technology so as to produce the better product. Improving productivity will also result in maintaining better pricing for customers.

We should happily share our knowledge and expertise with customers, equipment suppliers as well as other printers who ask for assistance. We must become the acknowledged experts in our field.

To achieve this high aim, we must strive to gain more knowledge through individual research and testing. Be mindful that nothing stays the same.

Take a real interest in your work. Understand what you are doing and why it is done this particular way. Is there a better way? If you dig deeper into anything, the subject becomes more interesting. Make your job interesting. I love everything I do simply because I do exactly this – ALWAYS.

I want you to be happy here. Therefore, take a real interest in all aspects of the business. We operate transparently and happily share knowledge. As there is no job demarcation or ceiling, you should be very keen to become an all-rounder, always striving to improve.

I am happy to be your guide and mentor."

"Think Long Term"