FC Productions

About Us

Hi, here's a little bit about us.

We are bunch of people who are out to enjoy our work.

Oh, we DO take our work seriously, but we are actually doing the things we like doing. Drop in to see us and you risk being knocked over with our enthusiasm especially when you start us on design, software and the question of quality!

And best of all, because we delve seriously into our subjects, we have indeed become quite good at what we do.

That's great for those who trust us to deliver. Besides, we are prepared to go the extra mile, work late nights to make sure the work gets done on time and is up to the quality for which we are known.

As you can see, we do cover a wide range of services. We will not be able to cope if not for the help and support of our customers. It is a 2-way thing. We give our best – always, and this is appreciated by our customers, a number of whom do get involved in various areas. This kind of relationship encourages us further. They give us valuable advice and suggestions which enable us to keep improving.

We work closely with our customers to produce the best outcomes.


We started off many years ago in Professional Photo Processing, Graphic Design and Prepress, serving mainly the advertising industry. We began the switch to digital printing around 2007 are now pretty much experts in this field.

To continue to be ranked among the very best, we are constantly in the search for better ways of doing things in terms of efficiency and quality. As a result, we have ended up not using the stock standard software others use. We are proud to say that even our equipment suppliers are referring their prospects to us because of our production quality.

Corporate Culture

In essence: We think long term.

Only good things can come out of this philosophy. We are less stressed even when things do not go according to plan and there is greater tendency to pay more attention to detail and to provide better value to customers. We enjoy doing business with the widest range of professions and companies. Our smiles are genuine. This philosophy also results in our willingness to share our expertise and to happily help customers solve technical issues which in return produces more referral business.

We love small businesses and have gained a very long list of loyal customers ranging from those who use us once every couple of years to those who order tens of thousands of flyers every quarter. We haven't neglected the big guys either, however, we treat the little guy exactly the same as we treat the big fellas.

Our operation is geared to handling very low volume work. This has been developed since around 2007 and have placed us uniquely in this niche. Our hundreds of small customers have given us a very solid base from which to continue to grow the business – and we are thankful.

Staff members receive an operating manual which covers practically all aspects of the business. The introduction to this manual is a letter from Francis to new staff which explains our Corporate Culture. We feel that it is a worthwhile document to share in the hope that if more businesses would adopt a similar approach, doing business will be so much more pleasant. Click here to read.

Why are we better?

Apart from the foregoing (or perhaps because of it), we are more determined to be more technically adept in this rapidly evolving digital printing industry. We are not just printers. Not only do we come from a Design and Prepress background but we are also experienced in software development. This gives us a greater understanding of digital printing software and enables us to work around deficiencies of the commercial systems (no software is perfect) and often produce a better result from the same customer's file.

Visible evidence of our technical know-how is the fact that our Website has been in the first page of Google searches for the past four years entirely through our own SEO efforts.

*****   Totally Dependable.   *****

So different

Customers coming through our door will immediately see and feel the difference.

For a start, there is no counter to keep our distance.

If you come with your file on a flash drive, you will sit with one of our layout experts to review the artwork and check for problems. If there is any doubt, a test print may be made immediately – at no charge. This comes from our desire to ensure that what you get will be at least as good as what you'd hoped.

For customers not able to visit, rest assured, we do not simply print the order – we believe in close communication. If a test print does not look quite right, you will be informed and we will discuss a solution with you.

We know our stuff –
and we care!

Furthermore, we will always have time to discuss your project (big or tiny) with you and will be happy to meet even after normal trading hours or weekends by appointment.

We are rather unusual.

"Lovely meeting you today! Thanks for all your help and for your open approach.
Albeit being my first time at FC Productions, I could not have felt more at home!"

Alexander Moller